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Kitchen Resources for Staying Healthy this Season

I have been spending my hours alternating between watching news and funny memes and I thought I’d take a break from that to share how I’m trying to stay healthy during this season.

Normally I get sick every time I travel, and somehow this year is the first time my immune system has been pulling through for me and I’ve felt healthier than ever (minus anxiety, of course). So I must be doing something right.

While this is not intended as medical advice in any way shape or form, here are a few of the things I’m doing to try to stay healthy and somewhat sane during this anything-but-sane time.

First, some practical advice. Then, on to the resources.

Get a little sunshine.

Even as most of us are confined to our homes, get a little sunshine on your face when you can. This can be a walk around the neighborhood, stepping out on your deck or balcony (if you’re lucky to have one), or even sitting next to an open window while staying inside. 

If you’re worried about food.

Some of the best advice and information I’ve seen regarding food shopping:

  • Don’t panic buy. NY Times says our food supply chain is strong. There may be some empty shelves now, but if we continue to buy only what we currently need, shelves will have time to be re-stocked. 
  • USA TODAY: If you see a WIC sticker on a price tag at the store, buy something else if you have the option. These are the items that are eligible to be purchased with food stamps, and these buyers will go home empty handed if WIC-approved items are sold out.
  • Check on your people. Offer to bring groceries to friends, family and neighbors who might not have the means to make the trip themselves because of health, money, or fear.

With that said, here are some online resources for food delivery. There are affiliate links below.

Thrive Market. Healthy food at wholesale prices – great resource for pantry items. Currently they are experiencing shipping delays of about 1-2 weeks. With a referral link like this one, you get an extra 25% off your first order and a free month before deciding to continue with a membership. (See an example order and full review here.)

Amazon Fresh. Expect shipment delays here too (2-hour delivery seems like a distant memory these days!) and inventory is fluctuating similar to grocery stores, but there may still be great delivery options for produce and household items depending on your location.

Subscription boxes are your friend. Now might be the best time to try a meal delivery service. Some are experiencing high demand, so the availability might change depending on when you’re reading this. But some of my favorites are: 

  • Sun Basket – organic food delivery with a vegetarian plan option – great for unique recipe plans (See full review here.)
  • Veestro – this one is a good pick if you have freezer space and want to stock up on meals! This is not a subscription (so no-obligation) and you can pick from (see full review and example order here). Note these are all vegan.
  • Sakara Life – if money isn’t a concern right now (this one is on the pricier side, but can use TRIALANDEATER at checkout to save 15%), these fully prepared plant-based meals will help keep your eating on track. (See example order and review here.)
  • Vegan Cuts – stock up on pantry snacks with a Vegan Cuts box. They have snacks, beauty, chocolates, and even just released a specific “pantry essentials” box. Coupon TRIALANDEATER will save you $5. (See example snack box here.) 
  • Foodstirs – these fun (and *organic!* baking kits are obviously not an essential food item, but a GREAT idea for keeping entertained at home (especially with kids!).  (See pictures from when I tried the polar pear cupcakes kit here!).

Below are some vitamins I’m taking to help improve immunity. I’ll reiterate here that this is not intended as medical advice.

  • Seed probiotics. Always a lifesaver when traveling, but also during times when we may be stress eating and want to keep things “regular.” (If you haven’t yet seen the research behind this vegan and allergy-friendly brand, you can find our review here.)
  • Goli gummies. Apple cider vinegar is known to boost immunity, and these vegan gummies also have extra B-12 for a little energy boost. Your best bet to find them is on their website as they keep running low on inventory on Amazon. You can save nearly $1 per bottle if you order through their website with coupon code TRIALANDEATER. 
  • Vitamin C. Lots of it.Also, while I’m not currently taking these, I did want to mention that Truvani (Food Babe’s vitamin company) just extended their 25% off sale on new subscriptions, and they have an immunity support bundle with Vitamin C, Probiotics, and a couple of their other supplements. 

Other pantry resources I’m using:

  • Your Superfoods. I’ve talked about these a million times and I’ll talk about them a million more. These superfood blends are my favorite. They also just released an immunity bundle with 4 of their best mixes for immunity. (Pro tip: save an extra $18 with code TRIALANDEATER at checkout, OR do the subscription option and save $24 off the bundle.) (Full review here.)
  • Beekeepers Naturals. They have propolis spray for sore throats, several superfood honey options (including a hemp honey!), and a brain fuel elixir that gives me life.

And if you need wine? I try to buy organic wine when possible (fewer sulfites = fewer headaches) and I found a great resource for affordable organic wine. Less than $10 a bottle for their wine club, including shipping!

Final tip: If you can’t find bottled water, consider a Berkey Filter. This is basically the strongest filter available and is supposed to be able to clean even swamp water, in case of emergency. You can save some money  with code TRIALANDEATER through this link (depending on which size you get, the bigger the tank the bigger the savings). They are also experiencing high demand but last I checked they still had the “Travel Berkey” which is still a good size for 1-2 people. I gifted one to my mom last Christmas and we love it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.