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No Fresh Produce? Here are Some Alternatives

Ways to get your servings of nutritious fruits and vegetables when you don’t have fresh produce available. Whether you can’t get to grocery store for fresh fruits and veggies or are simply looking for some shelf-stable alternatives, here are companies that offer options and deliver to you!

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Kencko – these organic, plant-based powdered fruits and veggie packets from Kencko each provide a total of 2 servings of fruits and vegetables (USDA recommends at least 5 servings per day). It’s an instant smoothie (just add to water or liquid of choice), with the same amount of fiber and vitamins as fresh. There are plenty of flavor options to choose from based on your taste buds, each with the exact amounts of fruits and vegetables included listed on the packet. Transparent ingredients, compostable packets, no added sugars, 180-day shelf life. (See full review here or visit their website to order and get them delivered to your door.)

Kencko packets with shaker bottle


Superfood Shots– Just one 2oz. shot of concentrated organic produce counts as 1/2 your daily servings of fruits and veggies (or 2.5 servings of the recommended 5). They have 3 flavor options –  a Foundation blend with a bunch of berries and fruits, root veggies and super greens; a Turmeric blend that also includes root veggies, fruits and spices; and an immunity blend highlighting elderberry, acerola cherry, carrot and more. Use code TRIALANDEATER at checkout on their website to save 30% off a one-time order or 50% off a subscription order. 

Your SuperFoods – while these superfood blends do not list an equivalent of servings for fruits and veggies, several of their mixes include dried organic fruits. One of my favorites, Forever Beautiful, includes blueberries from Finland, Acai berries from Brazil, and Macqui berries from Peru. You can add this mix to just water to make what they call “beauty water!”  They also have convenient travel packs available. Use code TRIALANDEATER on their website to save 15%, or see full review here.

Your Super Foods Forever Beautiful


Traverse Bay Farms – TBF is a USA-grown company offering dried fruits, fruit powders, fruit capsules and more. They also have organic dried fruits with no added sulfites, and a no-sugar added dried cherry package. Their fruit powders can be used in things like smoothies (similar to Your Super and Kencko above) and their dried fruits are an excellent pantry option to add to salads, cookies, oatmeal and more. 


Do you have any other recommended resources for fresh-produce alternatives? Let me know in the comments!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.