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Discount Codes

All our codes in one place! These are affiliate links. Please note if a code is not listed below, there may still be limited time deals available on our actual review page or there are some only allowed to be shared on our email list.


Sakara Life organic plant based meal delivery – code XOTRIALANDEATER gives 20% off for new customers (Or see link to full review.)

Dry Farm Wines – adding “trialandeater” to the end of their website: will give you a bonus bottle for a penny with your first subscription delivery. (Full review post here.)

Prolon – code TRIALANDEATER saves 20% on non-subscription kits and fast bars (see full review)

Wildgrain Sourdough bread, pasta and pastries subscription box! Save $10 and get free rolls for life with code TRIALANDEATER (Or see link to full review.)

Other Codes:

Your Superfoods15% off: code TRIALANDEATER15 (Full review post here.)

Eat Deux (edible superfood cookie dough) code TRIALANDEATER for 10% off

Four Sigmatic – code TRIALANDEATER saves 10% – my pick for protein powders and I love their “Think” coffee. See link to full review.

Seed probiotics – 15% off code: EATER15 (Full review post here.)

Crucial Four salts and minerals – save 10% with code TRIALANDEATER

Ritual vegan multivitamins – code TRIALANDEATER saves 10% off your first 3 months. (Full review post here.)

Sea Moss Gel – code TRIALANDEATER saves 10%

Abby’s Better Nut Butters – save 15% with code TRIALANDEATER

Pique crystal tea – save 5% with code TRIALANDEATER

HigherDose sauna blanket – this link and code KELLY25 will save $25

Barukas superfood nuts – code TRIALANDEATER saves 15% (see full review)

Organifi – code TRIALANDEATER saves 15%. Love their green juice and gold juice – see full review.

Beekeepers Naturals – code TRIALANDEATER saves 10% (Or see full review)

KEHO keto savory snack bars – save 15% with code TRIALANDEATER (see full review)

Skinny Dipped Almonds – save 15% with code TRIALANDEATER15 (Or see full review)

Hamama grow-your-own microgreens – save 15% with code TRIALANDEATER (Or see full review)

Noom app – get an extended trial by going to

Vejo portable blender and juice pods – save $20 with code TRIALANDEATER-20 (Or see full review)

Mezcla – plant based protein snack bars – code trialandeater (or see full review)

SmoothieBox – Save $15 with code TRIALANDEATER (or check out full review)

Go Nanas banana bread mixes – use code TRIALANDEATER to save 10% (or see full review)

Goli apple cider vinegar gummies – use code TRIALANDEATER or see full review.

FeelGood Superfood powders- code trialandeater saves 15%

BTR protein bars – code TRIALANDEATER for 15% off

Daily Harvest – code TRIALANDEATER saves up to $40 (Or see link to full review.)

Snacklins vegan cracklins/fake pork rinds – save 20% with code trialandeater

Majka – lactation cookies and supplements – code trialandeater for 10% off

Millican Pecans – code KELLS64

Otamot veggie tomato sauce – 10% off with code trialandeater10 (or see review page)

Skout organic bars – code TRIALANDEATER saves 20%

Hilma vitamins – code TRIALANDEATER20 to save 20%

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