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Recipe bucket list

Anyone who knows me knows I love making lists. I have to-do lists, to-buy lists, to-travel lists, bucket lists, and list of lists.  Thanks to Recipe Girl and Brown Eyed Baker for inspiring me to make my own recipe bucket list!

This will be a constantly evolving list of things I want to not only make but foods I want to travel to eat.

If you have a good recipe I can try for any of the below (or a suggestion to add to the list), please comment or send it my way.

Foods to Make


  • Quick bread (any kind)
  • Bagels – done! Pumpkin bagels recipe
  • Ciabatta bread
  • English muffins
  • Soft pretzels
  • Pull apart bread
  • Hawaiian bread – done! Recipe


  • Coffee cake
  • Pop-tarts
  • Eggs Benedict


  • Sushi
  • Summer rolls
  • Won tons
  • Orange Tofu (instead of Chicken)


  • Smores on a stick
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Homemade Nutella
  • Lemon poppyseed cookies
  • Swiss cake roll


  • Graham crackers
  • Homemade pickles
  • Can some jam
  • Homemade Ranch dressing


Foods to Travel to

  • Rainbow Bagels
  • Doughnut cones in Toronto
  • Cheese in France
  • Pizza in Italy
  • Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity (done!)
  • Tacos in Austin (done!)

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Monday 10th of April 2023

I love that this is a vegetarian recipe site, thank you.


Saturday 6th of September 2014

Hi Kelly! I just saw that you want to can some jam one day. Our muscadine grapes are ripe now and I'm saving them up for jelly (pretty much the only thing they're good for). When I get around to making and canning it, you're welcome to come over and help/learn how!


Sunday 7th of September 2014

Yes, I'd love that! Thanks Lauren!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.