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Butternut squash apple soup

Butternut squash apple soup. Delicious autumn flavors blended together make this vegan soup a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Like many things, I used to think I didn’t like soup. I’m not sure exactly how I could declare that for such a broad category, but it was mostly because it wasn’t “filling enough” (i.e. I felt deprived of …

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Basil spinach almond pesto

(Vegan) Basil spinach almond pesto. Don’t have pine nuts? Or parmesan? No problem! You can still make a basil pesto spread, no cheese or pine nuts required! Part 1 of my “make everything from scratch” meal was making homemade puff pastry. Part two… pesto! I’ll admit I never made pesto from scratch before, so when I realized …

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