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Unique Mothers Day Gifts

Looking for unique gift ideas for Mom? Even if you aren’t able to visit her this year, you can send her something thoughtful! If she spends time in the kitchen or considers herself a foodie, this list will surely have something she will love. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The gift of not cooking

Have her take the week off and send her meal delivery! While regular meal prep kits can still be fun, the best part about the options below is that there is no cooking involved. 

  • Instead of a day at the spa, think healthy spa meals. Sakara Life has the best plant-based fresh food delivery that is nourishing and creative meals at their finest. They also have snacks and supplements. (See full review here or use code TRIALANDEATER to save 15%).
  • If your mom likes lighter fare, Daily Harvest has cook-from-frozen options with everything from breakfast to flatbreads to ice cream! Everything is vegan and gluten-free.
  • Is mom a carb lover? Treat her to a Wildgrain gift box – each box contains freshly made (and then frozen) sourdough breads, fresh pastas and some treats! (full review here, or use code trialandeater to get an extra bag of free sourdough rolls in each box!)

The gift of superfoods

Mom on a health-kick? Here’s our favorite superfood companies!

Organifi is our go-to for when we can’t be bothered to make a smoothie – their powders mix right into water or oat milk. Green juice is packed with adaptogens for energy in the morning, Gold juice is great for relaxing nighttime elixir, or just go for the 3-pack bundle that also includes the delicious red juice. Code TRIALANDEATER saves 15%!

Four Sigmatic packs in adaptogenic mushrooms (you can’t taste them, I promise!) to coffee and protein powders! The peanut butter protein is my current favorite and the lions mane coffee is perfect for mornings I need an extra boost. Code TRIALANDEATER saves 10%.

The company that introduced us to superfoods – Your Superfoods. No added sweeteners and just a handful main organic ingredients. Try one of their superfood blends, protein mixes or get one of their bundles (hint: their Beauty Bundle is perfect for Mom’s Day, and includes recipes specifically for healthy skin and hair!) Code TRIALANDEATER saves 15%.

The gift of microgreens

If your mom isn’t quite sure if she is ready to handle a full garden, these DIY kits from Hamama let her grow a mini microgreen garden in her very own kitchen. These are basically baby vegetables, which means you get all the nutrients without having to eat as many greens!

Or if she doesn’t want to take care of something else (even a plant), these freeze-dried broccoli microgreens are ready to eat and can be sprinkled on practically anything. They even have microgreen teas!

The gift of ancestry

If your mom has ever been curious about genealogy, try 23andMe. This might seem unrelated to food, but if you get the “Health” package they give results for whether you have certain genetic variants tied to food related illnesses, like celiac disease or lactose intolerance (though this isn’t a diagnosis kit – you can find food sensitivity kits at EverlyWell). They also give you some fun tidbits like whether you’re “more or less likely” to hate cilantro, prefer sweet over salty, or choose chocolate ice cream over vanilla.

The gift of salt

If your mom is like mine and LOVES salt, finding unique sets of sea salts is a wonderful present. Makes for a fun salt tasting too! Here is one example of 4 flake salts from amazon.

The gift of clean water

One of the best gifts I got for my mom is a Berkey filter, it’s literally one of her favorite things. It’s basically the best filter out there and they claim it can even clean swamp water. (See full review here).

Another option that is a little more affordable is a Santevia, which is great if she likes mineral water!

The gift of wine

The two wine subscriptions I’ve tried and loved lately were ones I found because my own mom can’t have sulfites. What’s better for a wine lover than having it shipped straight to your door!

Dry Farm Wines – our all-around favorite wine club is Dry Farm Wines!. All their wines are sourced from small family farms around the world, are additive-free and natural, and are lab-tested to ensure there is low sugar and sulfites. Gift a membership or a one-time box (if you get a membership, they’ll throw in extra bottle for a penny for you with our link! And if she’s a Rosé fan, their spring promo has you covered for that too. (You can also check out the full review here.)

Revel Wine – has some organic and no-sulfite options, as well as other wine options. My moms favorite is a no-sulfite wine ironically called “Mother’s Choice!”

The gift of memories

A couple of my favorite kitchen-related memory gifts are:

The gift of snacks

  • A membership to Thrive Market – the gift that keeps on giving! A yearly subscription is $59.95 and will save money on favorite pantry items all year long. You can buy a gift card for the membership fee and/or a specific spending amount. 
  • If your mom is dairy-free or vegan and likes to snack, Vegan Cuts is a subscription box with unique munchies every month. They also have beauty boxes and other special editions, and donate to animal sanctuaries! (See full review here.)
  • Is she a chocolate-peanut butter dessert fan? Get a pack of the peanut butter flavor from Skinny Dipped Almonds is the best (a mother-daughter company!). Code TRIALANDEATER15 saves 15%.

The gift of homemade

Bake some bread, send some cookies – homemade gifts still go a long way. Sending something to a new mom? These lactation cookies are a great gift to send to breastfeeding mothers.

The gift of random gadgets

Some of my own mother’s favorite kitchen gadgets are random things I had no idea would be such a hit – like a tofu press, a basic trusted OXO knife, and “produce saver” containers.

Now it’s your turn! Which gifts are you going to get mom this year, and what are your favorite unique ideas?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.