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Dry Farm Wines Club Review

This review post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

Trial and Eater's review of Dry Farm Wines delivery club. All their natural wines have no additives, low residual sugars, are lab-tested to ensure low sulfite levels and are sourced from sustainable family farms. New wines to explore every shipment! Read more about them and find the latest deals below!

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poster: life comes down to a few wonderful moments. This is one of them. In vino veritas

In my quest to find more natural and organic wines, I came across Dry Farm Wines. They initially caught my eye because they are essentially sugar-free, but I quickly learned they have a lot more going for them as well.

First, I'll explain what dry-farmed means (because I didn't know initially). Dry-farmed means the grapes were grown without irrigation, which allows the vines to find their own natural water source instead of forced watering in the attempt to increase fruit yield.

Fun fact: Dry Farm Wines estimates their natural growers save 1.4 BILLION gallons of water annually by not irrigating!

While I discovered Dry Farm Wines when looking for organic options, it's important to point out that these are not all certified organic wines – but in some cases, they are even better. One reason I used to look for certified organic wines is because of no-added-sulfite rule, however all wines sourced from Dry Farm are low-sulfites.

Dry Farm only sources from growers who focus on regenerative and sustainable practices. They do use organic grapes, and even though some may not go through the extra hoops (and cost) to get the USDA organic label on their bottles, you can trust that they are free of additives.

12 bottles of red wine from Dry Farm Wines club

Dry Farm Wines Standards

Why would you choose to buy Dry Farm Wines over conventional? First of all, no additives! Did you know that there are over 70+ additives (including thickeners and dyes) that are are approved by the FDA to be added to wines?

Here are some more benefits of choosing Dry Farm.

  • Sugar-free. When wine is allowed to fully-ferment, the yeast eats all of the sugar. There is guaranteed to be no more than 1gram of residual sugar per liter of wine (or <0.15 g per glass).
  • Low-alcohol. This means <12.5%. They have some bottles that are as low as 7% alcohol, but most of the ones I've received are 11.5-12.5%, which I think is the perfect amount.
  • No added sulfites (with low naturally-occurring sulfites). Grapes contain sulfites naturally but because they don't add sulfites (which are typically added by conventional methods to stop the yeast from growing), they have very small amounts. They say their average is 39ppm – for comparison USDA organic are allowed to have 10ppm, and conventional can have up to 300ppm.
  • Lab-tested results. You can actually look up any of the wines you receive in their “wine library” to see the amount of detectable sulfites, sugar and alcohol content. They also include other details of the wine as well as suggested pairings.
  • Vegan certified! Non-vegan additives can be in many commercial wines, like dairy, gelatin, and others. Dry Farm Wines is certified vegan!

There is also an extensive F.A.Q.'s section on their website that answers other common questions related to what is and what is not in their wines, and why.

How to Order

You can order a one-time gift for yourself or someone else to try it out, but I find the best way to stay informed on their deals is to join the club. You can skip or change any shipment once you're a member and then you will also hear about their special boxes they often run around the holidays.

Current special: “A Taste of South Africa” Get 3 or 6 bottles of specially curated South African wine, one time purchase.

For your club membership, you can choose to receive 6 or 12 bottles of red, white, or a mix. You can also choose a Rosé membership or even a sparkling wine box. The frequency can be every month or every other month, though you can skip a shipment any time or choose a different date if you'd prefer a different interval.

So far, I haven't received the same bottle twice, which makes this box a super fun surprise! Though if you do find a bottle you truly love, you can contact them to purchase more of it.

Cost: The club membership runs about $25 per bottle. Though you can get a bonus bottle for $0.01 through this link in your first shipment! Shipping is always included.

6 bottles of Dry Farm Wines white wine

My Review Summary

While it's one of the pricier wine clubs (depending on your perspective), this is one of my “treat-yourself” boxes I get for myself once a quarter or so, and I sometimes take advantage of their holiday sales as well.

Also, if you're unhappy with any bottle for any reason they will send you a replacement or refund your money. Great customer service!

The ONLY thing that isn't a glowing review is that in the beginning I've had a few corks breaking when opening these bottles. I since have purchased a horizontal wine rack (where the cork stays in contact with the wine) and haven't had this happen since. I never had a wine rack before though I think because of the delicate nature of natural wines, this definitely helps.

Purity standards upheld by Dry Farm Wines help me know that I'm not likely to get the “wine headache” afterwards and that I'm not drinking all sorts of crazy additives that can be found in store-bought wine. And knowing they are vegan certified is great peace-of-mind. I really do notice a difference in how I feel afterwards comparatively and do not feel sluggish or have any sort of hangover effects the next day. Seriously!

The subscriptions are super flexible, you can add, pause, change or cancel any time. And you can choose your charge date for any time during the month – rather than having it be on the same day. Very convenient!

Here is a summary of your options to try these curated natural wines:

And just for readers of Trial and Eater – if you use the link to sign up, you'll get an email on how to receive a BONUS bottle for just one cent with your first subscription!

Let me know what you think!

poster: life comes down to a few wonderful moments. This is one of them. In vino veritas. with a bottle of red dry farm wine

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