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Bolixir Review – the Botanical Elixir from Dry Farm Wines

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A review of the mindfully low-alcohol bolixir (the botanical elixir). Natural wines infused with organic botanicals, made with zero industrial additives, and lab-tested for purity with the same standards as Dry Farm Wines.

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4 bottles of bolixir low alcohol wines from the 2021 limited first release

Exiting new release from my favorite natural wine club! The new BOLIXIR drinks are a collection of natural wines infused with wild botanicals (like dandelion and lavender), all while staying true to the DFW standards of being sugar-free, biodynamic and vegan.

Lovingly called the “Wild Flower-Child” of Dry Farm Wines, these lower-alcohol wines are all between 6-9% ABV.

There are 4 Austrian flavors in their limited first-release, all with their own unique vibe:

Dandelion White – a natural white wine infused with organic mint, dandelion, nettle and hope. Made from organically grown Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller. Would be perfect for a picnic or other day-time activity. Nettle is actually a powerful multivitamin and helps the body replenish and tonify.

Lavender Red – a natural red wine infused with organic lavender, rose and nettle. Made from organically grown Zweigelt & St. Laurent. This one is my favorite so far – a perfect relaxing evening drink.

Elderflower Bubbles – a natural sparkling white wine infused with elderflower. Made with Grüner Veltliner. The elderflower gives it a light floral taste while also giving you the added benefit of its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties!

Rose Blossom Bubbles – a natural sparkling red wine infused with rose blossom. Made from organically grown
Zweigelt. This one feels the fanciest of the flavors, and seems appropriate for a proper celebration.

bolixir dandelion white bottle

First I tried their two “classic” (non-sparkling) flavors and enjoyed both. I’m typically more of a red wine lover and the Lavender Red combines two of my favorite things, so this one of course is my favorite of the two.

They are somehow a perfect mix between an herbal tea and red wine – and I’m not normally much of a tea person, so I mean that in the best way possible. I can’t wait to have a reason to try the sparkling flavors.

I initially put off trying the sparkling flavors because I usually feel like bubbly is only for special occasions. We had an especially hot day here and I still wanted red wine, so I decided to try the Rose Blossom Bubbles. I love it! I had never tried a red sparkling before and now it’s my new favorite thing.

You can try these bottles through their new Bolixir website and either choosing an intro mix (one of each flavor, 4 total) or a 6-bottle box of either classic or sparkling flavors (3 of each flavor in that variety). Remember these are a limited release, so they won’t last long.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! In the meantime, get them while you still can – and remember to enter promo code B-TRIA at checkout to get a bonus gift automatically added to your cart.

bolixir poster - the the magic begin, sip yourself free

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