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Trader Joe’s Puff Pastry

All about the frozen puff pastry from Trader Joe’s! Ingredients, recipes and when to find it.

One of my favorite products from Trader Joe’s is their frozen puff pastry. While I have made my own version before, the TJ’s ones are good to stock up on when you can find them!

two rolls of puff pastry sitting on trader joe's puff pastry boxes

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You will start to see them in the freezer section in the early fall (end of September or October). They try to carry them throughout the winter and holiday season but some years they do sell out early!

People often start to think they have been discontinued but it’s just because it’s a seasonal item.

Because of this I usually try to stock up when I first see them. I notice their expiration dates are usually at least a year out so it’s safe to grab as many as you might want during the year! As long as you have room in your freezer 🙂

I like to take them out of the box before putting them in the freezer to make more room.

two frozen rolls of Trader Joe's puff pastry next to box

This is a classic all-butter puff pastry, or what the French call Pâte Feuilletée (translated to “pastry made leaf-like” or “flaky pastry”).

The ingredients are simple, as they should be: wheat flour, water, butter, salt, vinegar.

Vegetarian friendly, but not vegan.

nutritional facts and ingredients label side of box of Trader Joe's all-butter French puff pastry

Price should be the same nation-wide and I last purchased it for $3.99 a box (for two sheets of puff pastry). This is another reason I stock up when I can – last time I bought puff pastry “out of season” I got the Dufour brand and it was $11 for one sheet!

Thawing instructions: If you have time, the best way to defrost is at room temperature for 1-2 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

In a pinch, I have defrosted in the microwave very briefly, but it usually doesn’t work out for me!

thawing instructions and serving suggestions for Trader Joe's all-butter French puff pastry

So many different things can be made with puff pastry – sweet, savory, main dish, appetizer, or dessert.

Recipe ideas to use with puff pastry:

Be sure to share these ideas with your Trader Joe’s cashier too, who will be sure to ask you what you’re making with all the puff pastry at check-out!

four boxes of Trader Joe's French frozen puff pastry

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