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Vejo Review (Portable Blender with Juice Pods)

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Trial and Eater’s review of the portable pod based blender and drink mixes from Vejo! With a variety of flavors like banana almond or spiced chocolate to make smoothies, and they also have matcha, cold brew coffee and protein mixes. You’ll never be bored with the choices from Vejo. There are options for plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, or dairy-free. A super easy, on the go option to always have a healthy drink on hand. Read more and find the latest deals below.

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vejo orange portable blender with immunity fuel pod packets gifted for vejo review

What is Vejo

You know I like my smoothies, so when Vejo (pronounced VAY-oh!) reached out to see if I wanted to try their portable blender and sampler pack of flavors, I was all over it. Originally I planned to use these on a long road trip – for which this would be perfect, because it can blend up to 30 smoothies on one battery charge.

2020 had different plans for me though and I didn’t end up moving across country, though I quickly realized how easy it is to take this blender anywhere.

Vejo blender unboxing for vejo review

The blender, charger and cleaning brush comes with purchase of any of the “starter packs“, which also give 8 pods in 4 different flavors, depending on which starter pack you choose.

After charging, you put the pod in the cap, make sure you have water or your choice of liquid in the blender, twist tight. Once it clicks, it will automatically blends for 30 seconds. I may or may not have forgotten to put water in the first time I used it, I must have been too excited to try it out. 😉

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

The only thing that I wasn’t thrilled with is that some of them have stevia, which I can’t have. At least they do have a good amount of flavors without the stevia, and I know this isn’t a deal-breaker for everyone. I’ve separated the flavors in the descriptions below if it’s important to you!

The Pods a.k.a. The Blends

Depending on the blends you get, they can provide up to 50% of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The pods are also biodegradable, which is great.

Keep in mind NOT ALL of the blends are vegan friendly. For example, they have a collagen blend that is obviously not vegetarian. The flavors I listed in this review are all either plant based or dairy-free but remember to always check the ingredients label.

The pod blends are mostly organic ingredients and don’t have any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners – but as noted above, some do have stevia (which is not artificial, but can cause issues for some).

All the mixes have a variety of fruits, vegetables and superfoods that are picked at peak ripeness, freeze dried and turned into a powder. Individual pods are available in 8-packs or 30-packs, as a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.

Starter packs run at about $130 which includes the blender and 8-pack of pods. Refill blends can be as range between $1.90-$4.00 a serving.

Coupon code “trialandeater8pack” will give you a free 8 pack of any flavor pod with purchase of any starter kit.

The Flavors

These smoothie blends currently are stevia-free:

Piña Strawberrypairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple, Organic Freeze-Dried Mango, Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry. Excellent source of Vitamin C!

Pacific Northwest Tart Berrypairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Marionberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Red Raspberry. Ideal for post-workout recovery.

Clean Greenspairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Spinach, Organic Freeze-Dried Cucumber, Organic Freeze-Dried Fuji Apple, Organic Freeze-Dried Sea Buckthorn. Good source of Vitamin C and also has B vitamins.

Piña Greenspairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Mango, Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple, Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Freeze-Dried Spinach, Organic Spirulina. This has more fruit than the “clean greens” and still a great green juice option.

Tropicalpairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Freeze-Dried Mango, Organic Freeze-Dried Orange Juice, Organic Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Juice. Island fruits with potassium and Vitamin C.

Strawberry Bananapairs best with cold water. Just two ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry. 

Especially being stevia-free, these won’t be super sweet. The first one I tried was Clean Greens which says it tastes like it’s “straight from the garden” – and it does kind of taste like drinking a salad! But green juice is so good for you.

Clean green iuice with vejo info facts card - vejo review

These smoothie blends currently do contain stevia:

Matcha Lattepairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic instant oat powder, Organic Matcha, Organic Vanilla Flavor, Organic Gum Blend (Organic Gum Acacia, Xantham Gum, Gellan Gum), Organic Stevia Extract (Reb A), Monk Fruit Extract. Great for sustained energy while keeping your zen.

Stress Support (Lemon Lime)pairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Chickpea protein powder, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Organic Stevia Extract (Reb A). Helps support adrenal function which helps the body adapt to stress.

Immunity Fuel (Orange)pairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Pea protein isolate, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Organic Gum Blend (Organic Gum Acacia, Xantham Gum, Gellan Gum), Organic Stevia Extract (Reb A), Monk Fruit Extract

Mixed Berrypairs best with cold water. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Blackberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry, Organic Freeze-Dried Red Raspberry, Organic Stevia Extract (Reb A). Contains Vitamin C and antioxidants, and even 3 grams of fiber.

Banana Almondpairs best with almond milk. Ingredients: Organic Almond Protein Concentrate, Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Ground Cinnamon, Organic Freeze-Dried Lucuma, Natural Almond Flavor, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Ground Cardamom, Organic Stevia Extract. With 7 grams of protein it’s a good fruity post-workout drink or snack.

Spiced Chocolate – pairs best with almond milk. Ingredients: Organic Freeze-Dried Banana, Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Organic Maca Root, Organic Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor, Organic Ground Nutmeg, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Ground Clove. 6 grams of protein and still a chocolate treat!

They also carry a couple protein shake pods, coffee pods and a couple different blends for sleep (all of those have some form of organic stevia).

The best sellers package comes with Tart Berry, Banana Almond, Piña Greens and Clean Greens (B.A. being the only one that has stevia.)

If you’re looking for a starter package that is stevia-free, right now that would be the Family Favorites – 2 each of Strawberry Banana, Piña Strawberry, Tropical and Piña Greens.

Vejo starter pack pods

NEW: Vejo+

They now have something new called Vejo+ which is a personalized program. Based on an at-home blood test, they design a blend for you based on which vitamins, nutrients and amino acids your body needs.

I have not participated in this, so I can’t speak to the process. But it does sound interesting and definitely on-trend with the personalized health plans that are becoming popular.

It runs at $830 for the 3 month program, which includes the home test, doctor-reviewed plan, and the 3-month supply of pods.

Vejo Review Summary

When you don’t feel like getting out a big blender, or especially when you are on the go, Vejo is a great option. All you need to do is charge it and pack it with a little water, and you have yourself a healthy juice whenever you need it!

Since the pods are shelf stable it’s perfect to take while traveling or on the go, or if you don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables handy.

The blender is lightweight and small enough. Any hack that allows me to not have to lug out big appliances (like a blender) when I don’t need to is a win in my book. Though do keep in mind it has a small capacity.

Downsides: it only works with the Vejo pods or a mix that will dissolve easily in liquid.

For the first time purchasers, you’ll need to get one of the starter packs that include the blender and 4 different flavor options. (I recommend the Family Favorites.) After that you can order the individual pod packs, which end up being pretty affordable (for what you’re getting) after the initial blender purchase.

Also, the blender is pretty nifty to have on hand for other mixes that you just need to blend with water or oat milk – like the superfood powders from Your Super I talk about all the time. Forever Beautiful with water is so refreshing or Moon Balance also with water kind of tastes like pink lemonade.

Also works great with Organifi powders! I think you just need to have an empty pod on hand to get the blender to work, if you’re not mixing it with a Vejo blend.

What flavors will you try first?

Discount Code

Remember coupon code TRIALANDEATER-20 will give you $20 off any starter kit on

Vejo orange portable blender and starter pack flavor info card

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