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Italian seasoning

Spinach Mozzarella Pizza Rolls

Spinach Mozzarella Pizza Rolls – a vegetarian take on this fun and simple pizza bite roll-up snack. Great for appetizers, dinners, and game time snacks! Pizza is pretty much a staple in my house. It’s constantly in the rotation. And to be real, some weeks it’s the entire rotation. Since it’s pretty easy to make …

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Vegetarian Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

Meatless Million Dollar Spaghetti – A vegetarian spin on the pasta casserole with a cream cheese layer that “tastes like a million dollars!” So you’re probably wondering why this is called “Million Dollar Spaghetti?” As far as I can tell, the recipe originated from here and named it that because: it tastes like a million …

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One Pot Spinach and Mushroom Bowtie Pasta

Spinach and Mushroom Bowtie Pasta. Vegan one-pot meal ready in less than 30 minutes! Sometimes I have so many things I’d like to cook, but the thought of doing dishes afterwards stops me from cooking anything. Does anyone else have that problem? If I had a full-time dish-washer maybe that would help. But until that …

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