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Skinny Dipped Almonds Review

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A review of the dark chocolate covered almonds from! Flavors include chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, cocoa, espresso, and raspberry. And for a limited time, a winter edition flavor – dark chocolate peppermint! A female founded company that uses ethically sourced, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate peanut butter bag and minis

The Skinny Dipped Products

Skinny Dipped Almonds

Dark Chocolate Cocoa – like most of the varieties, they offer them in mini bags and resealable pouches. This is the most subtle of the flavors and perfect if you don’t want it too sweet.

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate cocoa bag

Dark Chocolate Mint – tastes kind of like a thin mint cookie!

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate mint bag

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter – this one is my favorite! Any peanut butter chocolate fans will love this.

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate peanut butter bag

Dark Chocolate Raspberry  I’m not a huge fan of the raspberry, but if you like a fruity hint this could be a good one for you to try.

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate raspberry bag

Dark Chocolate Espresso – why not get your kick of caffeine this way?

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate espresso bag

Not pictured: Lemon Bliss Almonds, which is surprisingly one of my favorites! I’m not a huge lemon dessert fan but this flavor is the perfect balance, and they use a yogurt coating instead of chocolate.

Skinny Dipped Cashews

If cashews are more your thing, they have fun flavors for chocolate cashews as well! Dark chocolate salted caramel is my personal favorite, and they also make a dark chocolate cocoa.

skinny dipped cashews salted caramel and dark chocolate cocoa

Skinny Dipped Peanuts

Skinny Dipped now makes peanuts! I love the peanut butter and jelly skinny dipped peanuts – if you like PB&J sandwiches, you’ll love these too. Made from premium Virginia peanuts and 5 grams plant protein.

skinny dipped peanuts
skinny dipped peanut butter and jelly peanuts package

Skinny Dipped Review Summary

Skinny Dipped was started by a mom, her daughter and two of her daughter’s friends in Seattle, Washington. 

The name “Skinny Dipped” comes from the fact the almonds and nuts are only very lightly coated with chocolate. Less sugar, but still same great taste.

The almonds they use are PPO-free, which mean they were treated with heat to pasteurize instead of propylene oxide (PPO), a fumigant. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I read the back of the bag!

Made in small batches without artificial flavors or colors, the chocolate is ethically sourced and all flavors are non-GMO and gluten-free. 

I love that they keep expanding their product line and are continuing to come out with healthier candy alternatives. They even have peanut butter cups and candy bars now!

Mini bags are available as well as larger, resealable bags mean they are perfect for any snacking or sharing occasion.

Be sure you don’t keep them in a hot place as they will melt above 70 degrees F! If you order from their website during warmer months, they arrived on ice to keep them cool and melt-free.

The best way to try them out is to start with a variety pack. Let me know what your favorites end up being!

an assortment of skinny dipped almond flavors on blue background

Where to Buy Skinny Dipped

The easiest place online to buy any of the Skinny Dipped products is on Amazon. Even their main website will redirect you to buy from Amazon!

skinny dipped almonds dark chocolate variety bags 5 flavors

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Thursday 7th of November 2019

Wow, that’s right up my alley! I’m obsessed with almonds. I definitely like that the company presents such a great variety of flavors and don’t use ingredients with artificial flavors or colors. Thank you for such an informative post and sharing your opinion. Really useful. p.s. Thank you for the discount code Kelly! That’s great I can use it (and I will).

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.