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Salt Lake City, Utah

At the time of writing, it’s been a handful of months since I visited Salt Lake City for the first time.

While most of my time there was spent in a conference (Everything Food!, so fun), I did have a some time in between and a full day to explore and walk around. (I walked over 20k+ steps that day PLUS took 4 Uber’s for when I got tired!)

Note: Many things are closed on Sundays, and coffee and alcohol can be hard to come by.

Below are some of the places I ate, and at the end are my top non-food recommendations, with lots of pictures.

salt lake city

The Food I ate in Salt Lake City:

Zest, a vegetarian and organic kitchen – came here twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. Note that you have to be 21+ to enter, even if you aren’t ordering drinks. I wanted so many things on this menu, which is partly why I came back a second time! Spicy jalapeno poppers and raw manicotti (though next time I’d definitely try the southwest skillet, which my friend ordered). Dinner appetizers included deviled avocados, vegan cheese plate, and a brussels sprouts concoction that didn’t even look like the veggie (pictured).

spicy jalapeno from zest

raw manicotti from zest

southwest bowl from zest

brussels sprouts from zest

Sage’s Cafe – another vegetarian-only restaurant. This was my first time trying jackfruit, and the whole reason I had to try to make it myself when I came back home. So good! I got the vegan tiramisu and my friend got the vegan carrot cake – the waiter told us that people travel here just for the dessert.

salt lake city vegan tiramisu

Oasis cafe – while many of my first pick restaurants were closed on Sundays, my Uber driver assured me this was a good choice. Sit outside if you can! I ordered the Udon Peanut Stir Fry with tofu, and a margarita.

salt lake city oasis cafe

salt lake city oasis cafe

Vertical Diner – Breakfast burrito with tempeh bacon. While this was one of the top rated veggie places at the time, I wasn’t completely impressed. But maybe I just didn’t pick the right meal – there are lots of options as it is also strictly vegetarian!

salt lake city brunch vertical diner

Three Pines Coffee – Coffee can be hard to come by in Salt Lake City. This place doesn’t open until 9am on Saturday and is completely closed on Sunday.

salt lake city three pines coffee

Evas Bakery – A lovely bakery and I wanted ALL the bread, but I went with the chocolate croissant. Messy, but worth it.

salt lake city evas cafe chocolate croissant

Capo Gelateria – It’s attached to a pizza joint, but go for the gelato, and go early if you can! I went late in the day and they were sold out of most flavors so I had to go with fruit options, but still delicious.

salt lake city gelato

Red Rock Brewing – if you need to stop for a drink, this is an award-winning brewery with tons of beer options. There are several locations but there is one right downtown.

Top Recommendations in Salt Lake City:

Take a bike taxi! If you get the opportunity (and have cash), I highly recommend taking a bike taxi at some point. It’s a little more expensive (I think it was $3 a “block” which in SLC terms means 660 feet) but it’s a fun way to get around.

Salt Lake City Public Library – if you want to get a good view, go to the rooftop of the library! If you’re scared of heights though, it’s probably not a good place for you. Even the elevators have glass walls, which makes for a cool view.

salt lake city view

salt lake city view

salt lake city view from top of library

salt lake city view

Finally, be sure to visit Temple Square – especially the gardens. 35 acres of flowers, a beautiful place to walk around.

salt lake city temple salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square garden

salt lake city temple square

Have you ever visited Salt Lake City, Utah? Tell me your favorite places in the comments!

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Saturday 21st of October 2017

Beautiful city and photographs! Can’t wait to visit and try your vegetarian food suggestions.

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