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Tour Guide Wines (formerly known as Revel Wine Club)

This review post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

*Important update! As of May 2023, Tour Guide wine is closing. I recommend checking out Dry Farm Wines for the best natural wine options.

A review of the wine delivery service, Tour Guide Wine Club (formerly revel wine). Award-winning wines, delivered to your doorstep. With a current variety of 80+ wines, you can discover new favorites or keep ordering the ones you already love. If you’re looking for organic or sulfite-free wines, they have a few options for you too!  

Please note the below photos and text were taken when this club was under the name *Revel Wine Club*. As of October 2021, they are now known as Tour Guide Wine Club.

opening revel wine club box red wine packaging

This year has given me reason to finally try some of those wine delivery services that are out there. When researching which to try, I found Revel Wine Club because of their sulfite-free options.

Not all of their wines are sulfite-free or organic, but they do have an option to specify these choices when you sign up. Their wines are are sourced directly from wine makers around the world. I chose to go with their organic subscription, which has fewer options.

How it Works

You can order from Revel Wine Club any time, even without being a “club member” – but club members get special discounts.

Being a club member simply means that you are signed up for recurring orders. There is a wide range of flexibility to skip or change orders though, so the club is definitely worth it.

They ship to most states directly to your door – though some states are restricted based on local laws. (Check their FAQ page on restrictions.)

revel wine club box on door step

The Club Options

When joining the club, you can choose:

  • Selection: all wines, organic only, or sulfite-free.
  • Variety: Red, white, or both
  • The # of bottles: 4, 6 or 12
  • Timing: every month, or every second or third month

You can skip months, change delivery dates, and change your preferences at any time. Once you’re a club member, you can also take advantage of their special sales throughout the year, and order whichever wines you choose!

revel wine club red wine case organic and sulfite-free

Organic vs. Sulfite-Free

Since Revel Wines has the option to choose “Organic” or “Sulfite-free” for their wine club, I want to quickly talk about the difference. “Organic” wines can mean either “Made with Organic Grapes” or “USDA Organic.”

  • Made with organic grapes means they use organic grapes to make the wine, but other additives don’t have to be organic. The additives are still more restrictive than non-organic wines, but they are allowed to contain sulfites up to 100ppm (parts per million). {source}
  • USDA Organic means it is certified organic, and have No Sulfites Added. Grapes do have naturally occurring sulfites, so USDA Organic wines can have up to 10ppm. {source}

Lower acidity wines, lighter-colored wines and wines with higher sugar content tend to have more sulfites added for preservation. This means that red wine actually has less sulfites than white wine, which surprised me! The maximum legal limit of sulfites in regular wine in the U.S. is 350ppm, but most bottles have much less than this. 

To summarize, when you see the term organic wines it doesn’t necessarily mean sulfite-free. But if it has USDA Organic seal, then it is sulfite-free (which means only naturally occurring sulfites, under 10ppm). Learning how to read these labels is important if you are sensitive to sulfites.

Revel Wine Club’s Organic + Sulfite-free Options

As I said, Revel Wine Club has over 80+ varieties of wine available for their club, but since I order their “Organic” box I will focus on these wines.

There are currently 4 brands that Revel carries that are organic, of which all are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. (Pesky additives in non-organic wines can contain all sorts of things, so it’s important to clarify!)

Two of these organic brands are also sulfite-free.  Our Daily Red, USDA Organic (Sulfite-Free) – they have a Red Blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Mother’s Choice, USDA Organic (Sulfite-Free) – ironically this is my mother’s favorite.

They also have a Red Blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Field Notes – Offers a Red blend, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Flourish – Also offers a  Red blend, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Personally, I’m partial to the red blends. 

revel wine club red wine case organic and sulfite-free

Review Summary

As far as wine delivery goes, Revel Wine Club is a great option for affordable, organic wines. I do hope they continue to expand their organic and sulfite-free offerings beyond these brands, since there isn’t much variety past your first box. But I love that they even have these options, and for people who don’t need organic wine there is a wider range of options for non-organic bottles. 

Note: My favorite wine club is Dry Farm Wines (no additives at all), which runs at about $27 a bottle. (Though you can get a bonus bottle for a penny with this link.) So while Revel is a bit more of affordable option, they are limited in their natural choices.

For Revel, it’s most cost-effective to order by the case (12 bottles), and that is also when shipping is included. You will typically need to sign for the package from FedEx (depending on state laws).  Pricing depends on the options you choose, but each bottle of my organic wine ends up being around $9 a bottle in my club member shipments (plus tax, if applicable).

When they offer exclusive member-only sales, I can get than down closer to $7 a bottle! The flexibility of the wine club definitely makes it worth a try if you are looking to get wine delivered.

Let me know what you try!   Want to see more of our  products? Click here to see all our reviews and make sure to sign up for our emails for special offers!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.