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Beekeepers Naturals Review

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. None of the below is meant to be taken as medical advice. All opinions are my own.

A review of the superfood honey and other natural remedy products from Beekeepers Naturals! This company is dedicated to sustainable bee-keeping practices and are part of the mission to save the bees. Learn more about their products and get an exclusive discount code below!

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beekeepers naturals delivery box "honey, I'm home"

Honey can be a hot topic these days. Bees are disappearing at alarming rates and they are key pollinators in our food system. Some honey is harvested in ways that contribute to this decline, but Beekeepers Naturals is a company that is committed to sustainable beekeeping. Quoted from their website, they: never never over-harvest from their hives, never feed the bees anything but their own products, and are careful to ensure that our green apiaries are remote and far from harmful chemicals.

While it is extremely hard to guarantee “organic honey” because bees can travel up to 5 miles in any direction from their hive, Beekeepers Naturals does perform 3rd party testing to ensure their hives are pesticide-free.

Additionally, they partner with and donate 10% of their profits from their apparel line to two leading bee research institutions – The University of California Davis Honey Bee Research Facility and the Canadian Bee Research Fund.

The Beekeepers Naturals Products

The below are the products I’ve tried which you can find in their shop link here. Remember coupon code “trialandeater” will save you 10% – and if you want to purchase multiple jars at a time, you can get even more savings (up to 20%!) on some products through the links below.

  • Raw Hemp Honey – “B-Chill: This hemp honey contains 27 mg of high potency hemp oil (organic + USA-grown) in each teaspoon serving (500 mg per jar). It is THC-free and non-psychoactive. I like to add this to my night-time tea to unwind in the evenings. It has a thicker consistency than regular honey. Ingredients: Honey, hemp oil, coconut medium chain triglycerides, sunflower lecithin. Buy multiple jars at a discount here (extra coupon codes don’t apply, but you’re getting a greater deal!)
    beekeepers naturals b-chill raw honey hemp jarbeekeepers naturals raw honey hemp b-chill spoon in jar
  • Cacao Superfood Honey – This chocolatey blend is made with sustainably sourced, raw honey and hand-picked Ecuadorian cacao. Gluten-free, paleo-friendly and makes a great sugar substitute. I like to add this to yogurt, top on ice cream or dessert, or even just eat a spoonful at a time!

    beekeepers naturals cacao superfood honey jar

    beekeepers naturals cacao superfood honey spoon in jar

  • Beegan Travel Pharmacy Kit: “The Ultimate Travel Wellness Kit” – I got this when I was traveling mostly full-time and it includes Propolis Throat Spray, the original B.Powered superfood honey and a package of vials of “Brain Fuel”. I like to take the Brain Fuel when I need extra focus or am feeling jet-lagged, and the throat spray is a great thing to have on hand if you start to get a scratchy throat.
    • If you’re interested in purchasing just the propolis throat spray, you can buy multiple at a discount through this link (no extra coupon codes apply, but you’re getting a greater discount!)

      beekeepers naturals beegan pharmacy travel kit box

      beekeepers naturals beegan pharmacy travel kit box contents

  • Other products: The above products are the ones I have personally tried from Beekeepers Naturals. They also have bee pollen (great for smoothie bowls!), cough syrup, and “save the bees” apparel, as well as other sizes of their honey jars.

Review Summary of Beekeepers Naturals

If you eat honey, I think it’s important that you know where and how your honey is harvested.

The fact that Beekeepers Naturals is committed to sustainability makes me want to continue ordering their products, and not to mention that all their honey is super tasty! The cacao is a great treat and the original B.Powered or the hemp honey make a great addition to whatever you put honey in or on (tea, biscuits, etc.).

Remember you can save 10% off your purchase with code “trialandeater” at checkout from the Beekeepers Naturals website! What products will you try?

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