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8 Fruits That Start with the Letter “Z”

A list of different types of fruit that start with the letter Z.


Yes, you read that right. Zucchini is technically a fruit and not a vegetable! This just means it grows from a flower.

This summer squash is also known as a courgette, and is very versatile in recipe. I’m sure you have probably heard of “zoodles” or using spiralized zucchini as noodles.

Though my favorite way to replace noodles is in this lasagna instead.

Other recipes ideas using zucchini:

Zucchini bread, zucchini frittata, or you can get creative and add them for a healthy crunch, like in grilled cheese!

sliced zucchini on white cutting board

After zucchini, you really have to dig deep to find other fruits that start with Z. Some of them require us to find the more technical terms or scientific names for a fruit or certain varieties of other commonly known fruits.

Zinfandel grapes

You may know Zinfandel as a type of wine, as it is a popular variety of grape grown primarily in California (and originally in Croatia).

Fun fact: zinfandel grapes are the same as primitivo grapes, which are grown in Italy!

Even though they are mainly known as wine-grapes, they can also be eaten as regular table grapes if you can find them! They are sweet tasting and would be a good addition on cheese boards.

Most recipes I can find are actually using Zinfandel wine, but this gin cocktail recipe uses the actual grapes!


Zwetschgen is a European-style type of plum, also known in the United States as an Italian prune plum or an empress plum.

They honestly look more like large grapes

It is good for use in baking because of it’s moisture content, which makes me think it would be a good substitute for regular plums in this plum puff pastry galette, maybe with an extra sprinkle of sugar on top!

Ziziphus jujuba fruit

Ziziphus fruit is also known as a Jujube or a Chinese date. They have a high nutritional value (rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants) and are often used in traditional medicine.

This jujube ginger tea seems like a perfect home remedy!

Zabergau Reinette Apple

This type of apple is a large German russet apple, harvested in late October.

Often used for ciders due to its crisp, spicy flavor, and great for using in your favorite apple pie recipe!

Zebra melon

The zebra fruit is a sweet melon with a strong floral fragrance.

These small fruits are best eaten fresh and can be found at local markets and specialty grocers in select regions of Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Zig-zag vine fruit

Zig zag fruits sound almost like it’s made-up! But this is yellow berry is native to the rain forests in eastern Australia, and so named for the way it grows: starting at the bottom of the tree, and zig-zagging its way to the top.

It apparently smells like banana and tastes like orange sherbet. It is used to make gourmet sauces and liqueurs.

Zante currants

Zante currants are small raisins made from the black corinth grape.

Due to their rich taste, they are often used for baking. I found one for an apple muffin recipe that sounds delicious.

Can you think of any fruits that start with the letter Z that I missed here, or have you tried any of the lesser-known ones on this list of fruits? Let me know how you eat them!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.