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Daily Harvest Review + Discount (2020)

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

Trial and Eater's review of the organic, plant-based frozen meal and snack options from Daily Harvest! With breakfast options like oat bowls and chia bowls, dinner choices like flatbreads, harvest bowls, and soups, and even some dessert options like vegan ice cream and hazelnuts bites, there is something for everybody! Read more about them and get an exclusive discount code here!

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Daily Harvest bowls and flatbreads flatlay

Daily Harvest is an organic, vegan and gluten-free food delivery service that sends thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted foods straight to your door. Packaged items arrive frozen and most can be ready to eat within a few minutes! The company started out as mostly smoothies, and now they have branched out to breakfasts, dinners, and even desserts. 

These delicious pre-made meals and snacks are reasonably priced, and available for delivery to 95% of the continental United States.

Products They Offer

As of June 2020, there are 9 categories of food you can choose from. Smoothies, harvest bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, flatbreads, soups, lattes, bites and their latest “scoops” (think ice cream).

When choosing items for your box, you can filter by ingredients (keep ones you love AND exclude ones you don't like!), sort by health benefit (like Energizing or “Stress Relief”) and/or search by dietary needs. Note that all options are already dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free, but you can add an additional filter if you're looking for keto-friendly, high protein, or low-calorie.

My readers can use the code TRIALANDEATER at checkout to get a special $25 off their first Daily Harvest box

Smoothies – Since Daily Harvest started out as a smoothie box before they expanded into other products, it makes sense that this category has the most flavor options. Currently they have a whopping 21 flavors of smoothies with creative flavors like chocolate + blueberry, cold brew + cacao, watermelon + dragon fruit, and black sesame + banana. I tried an acai and cherry smoothie, since I love all things acai. (See also: homemade pineapple acai smoothie bowl).

You just add water and blend! You could even add some protein powder to bulk it up a bit.

Cherry acai smoothie from daily harvest in blender before blending

I also love that you can pour it right back into the container and it comes with a lid with a hole for a straw.

acai and cherry smoothie in daily harvest packaging with straw

Harvest Bowls – If you've ever had a hearty “Buddha Bowl,” this is what the harvest bowls are like. With different grains and veggies combinations, they currently offer 10 flavors – like their most popular “Cauliflower Rice + Kimchi” to the creative “Beet + Avocado Poké” bowl. (I haven't tried any from this category yet, but I'd personally start with that last one!)

Oat Bowls  – There are only 4 flavor options for oat bowls right now, but the breakfast bowls are some of my favorite items! I tried the “Mulberry + Dragon Fruit” because it seemed like the most unique choice, and I will definitely be getting this one again. If you've ever made overnight oats, it's like that, but better – and you don't have to prepare these in advance if you're eating it warm.

dragon fruit oat bowl from daily harvest still frozen

A little close up of that mulberry goodness:

Dragon fruit oat bowl from daily harvest after mixing

Chia Bowls have 4 flavor options as well, and once again I chose the one I thought looked the coolest – “Blackberry + Majik.” Majik is organic spirulina extract, which is what makes it blue. It is recommended to add the liquid the night before and refrigerate (I used oat milk) for the chia seeds to expand. (If you've ever made chia pudding, this is similar.) Will 100% be ordering this one again. 

blue majik chia bowl from daily harvest

blue majik chia bowl from daily harvest after mixing

My readers can use the code TRIALANDEATER at checkout to get a special $25 off their first Daily Harvest box

Flatbreads are one of their newer options, and they currently have 3 flavors. I tried their “Kale + Coriander” and they also have “Tomato + Cremini,” as well as “Artichoke + Spinach.” 

I couldn't resist the purple! I was actually surprised by how much I liked this. I love sweet potato (which is the base of the flatbread) but wasn't entirely sure what to expect going into it. It was creative and pretty filling, though I did have a little soup with it as well. I'll try the spinach artichoke flavor next.

Daily Harvest kale + coriander sweet potato flatbread on sheet pan after baking

Soups – The soups (10 flavors) come with the ingredients frozen mostly into ice-cube shapes, and you just add water, blend, and heat. I had to add a little more water for my blender to work which made it thinner than I like. Next time, I'll dump the whole thing into a stock pot and use an immersion blender instead, so I can get the right consistency. 

Daily Harvest butternut squash soup before blending still frozen

Daily Harvest butternut squash soup in the blender

Bites – If you've ever had “energy bites,” these are like those! You can eat these straight from the freezer as a midday treat or any time dessert. I tried their Hazelnuts + Chocolate which helped with those afternoon sweet tooth cravings but it wasn't my favorite healthy chocolate snack. Their Espresso bean + Tahini sounds intriguing, and the Coconut + Lemon would be great for summer.

hazelnut cacao dessert bites from daily harvest

Lattes– Each package gives you 3 single-serve pods that you can enjoy hot or cold! I haven't tried these yet, but their most popular flavor is chocolate + chaga which sounds amazing, especially since I love mushroom coffee.

Scoops – Their newest item – vegan “ice cream!” With 4 flavor options that all look amazing, I definitely want to try them all. But I will start with the mint + dark, melty cacao chips for my next order.


The price of the items ranges from $5.99 – $8.99 each. If you use the coupon code “trialandeater” you can order a 9-item box for as little as $23.91 (up to $50.91), depending on the mix of items you choose.

Translation: If you ordered a 9-item box full of breakfast items (oat bowls and/or chia bowls) at $5.99 you can try them for $2.66 a pop with the coupon. If you ordered all $8.99 items, the coupon reduces the price to $5.66 each instead.

How to Order

To order from Daily Harvest, go to their website and click “Get Started.” They'll ask for your email address and zip code, and then allow you to choose what size box you want – Small (9 items, Medium (14 items) or Large (24 items). Use the filter options to help you choose how to fill your box, and after you make your selections you will be taken to checkout.

Underneath the payment information at checkout, change the coupon code to “trialandeater” in order to save $25. (Note: The default coupon code will only give you $10 off, and will apply for the first 3 boxes if you choose to continue the subscription. The $25 off is for your first box only.)

example daily harvest order using coupon code trialandeater

This is a weekly subscription model, so if you wish to pause or cancel after your first box you need to do so before 6pm on the Sunday before the next box ships. Otherwise the plan will continue and they will charge you and ship you another box the following week.

Review Summary

Daily Harvest has been one of my favorite food delivery services to date. The fact that they provide reasonably priced, organic options, (and that they are continually developing new products to choose from) will definitely keep me coming back for more. All their products are vegan and gluten-free, but yet still so flavorful that it doesn't feel like you're missing out on anything.

These options save you the time of grocery shopping and food prepping, and generally take out most of the hassle of cooking. Smoothies just need added water and a blender, flatbreads can be thrown in the oven, and breakfast bowls just need a little plant mylk and a microwave.

If you are someone who eats a vegetarian or vegan diet already, you'll love these options – and if you are looking to get a helping hand in eating more plant-based meals, this is also a great option for you.

And a bonus: they now use compostable packaging! 

I already have some favorites and I will be working my way through the rest of their menu in time! If you don't know where to start, their 9-box option will let you pick one from each category to get a variety. For me personally, I love having breakfast items on hand so I will always include oat bowls and chia bowls in my order. Plus, I can't wait to try the new scoops!


SAVE ON YOUR ORDER: My readers can use the code “trialandeater” at checkout to get an extra $25 off your order.

Which one will you try first?! Show me what you get on Instagram by tagging me @trialandeater or #trialandeater!

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Daily Harvest delivery box
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