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Make Your Own Vegetarian Burger Bar with MorningStar

This post was originally sponsored by MorningStar Farms.

Grilling season is upon us! And if you go meatless every day or only some days, MorningStar Farms® is here to save the day with their range of plant-based and meat-free products. Make your own vegetarian burger bar for your summer party with all the toppings you could want!

Vegetarian Burger Bar with MorningStar

There are a range of options that MorningStar Farms offers, including a Cheezeburger patty, Chik Patties, Chik’n Nuggets, and Chorizo Crumbles – all of which are plant-based!

Additional options that are vegetarian and not vegan include their Corn Dogs and Spicy Black Bean Burger.

MorningStar burgers on white plate surrounded by toppings in bowls
MorningStar burgers on black plate surrounded by topping options

You can customize the “meats” and the toppings to your family and friends taste buds, but here are the important categories and suggestions for available ingredients for a DIY burger bar party:

Buns – traditional bread buns or lettuce wraps!

Variety of cheeses – pepper jack, Swiss, Monterey Jack or feta are some favorites. You could even provide vegan cheese to have 100% plant-based options!

Greens: lettuce, arugula, mixed greens

Tomato slices

Avocado or guacamole

Red onion slices (bonus: make caramelized onions)

Jalapeno slices

Pickles and/or cucumber slices

Condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, hot sauce, ranch dressing, mustard, relish, salsa

MorningStar vegetarian burger patties on black plate with veggies and cheese plate surrounding

And obviously, the MorningStar Farms protein of your choice. Plan to have at least two patties per person at your party! One of the many benefits of these frozen patties is the ease of preparation, so you can stock extra in your freezer for those who want seconds (and thirds).

If you are having more than 4 people, you should arrange your burger bar in stations: greens, cheeses, sliced veggies and then condiments.

Vegetarian Burger Bar with MorningStar spicy black bean burgers and chickn patties with all the toppings you could want

All of the above options (and the ones I used!) are fresh, easy, slice-and ready ingredients. 

You could even get creative and slightly fancy with your topping options, maybe with some pineapple slices for a tropical vibe!

Know that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for these veggie patties – and customizing them to your own flavor palate is half the fun! Some of my favorite versions:

Spicy Black Bean Burger (the serving size is one patty but I like to make mine a double!) with lettuce, relish, red onion, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, tomato and jalapeno.

MorningStar Farms spicy black bean burger on a bun with toppings

Original Chik Patty with feta, tomato, avocado and mixed greens.

MorningStar Farms chikn patty on a bun with toppings

Which one will become your go-to protein this grilling season?

MorningStar Farms chikn patty on a bun with toppings with a bite taken out of it

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.