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Moon Juice

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A review of a couple of the products from Moon Juice, a brand that has a variety of superfood and adaptogenic products designed to enhance your life.

superhair and magensi-om from Moon Juice

For years I have heard of the brand Moon Juice and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review them. I only have a couple of their products so far, but can’t wait to explore some of their other options.

The two supplements I have been most interested in are the Magnesi-Om and the Super-Hair.

I recently learned that the majority of people in the US are deficient in magnesium, including myself! I had my levels tested by a functional medicine doctor and have been supplementing with different kinds of magnesium in the last few month to help get back on track.

The Moon Juice Magnesi-OM/magnesium is a blend of 3 types of magnesium (gluconate, acetyl taurinate, and citrate) as well as added L-theanine for added relaxation.

This one is a powder that you mix with water and is sweetened with monk fruit. I love the tagline that it’s “meditation you can sip” – and can help with brain fog, fatigue, mood, and more. I do feel like I’ve been falling asleep better since adding magnesium in.

superhair bottle with capsules next to it

SuperHair is a multivitamin in capsule form. The vitamins themselves are not too large, though a serving is 4 capsules together.

This has many of the vitamins known to be good for hair growth and health – like Biotin, Iodine, Zinc and a variety of B vitamins. I also appreciate that it has vitamin D3 (a vegan version, sourced from algae), another one most of us need to supplement.

I have been doing so many things to support my hair growth it’s hard to contribute any progress with any one thing, but the list of what’s included in the supplements seems top-tier.

superhair nutrition facts

And of course since it’s on this site, the capsules are vegetarian and even vegan friendly. (Horsetail is an herb, for those wondering!)

superhair instructions

There are a few other popular products by Moon Juice, but not all are vegan or stevia-free. Just FYI if you avoid stevia like I do!

I just learned that Moon Juice also has superfood snacks with “activated” nuts and seeds. By “activated” I believe that just means they have been soaked in water, which makes them easier to digest. Can’t wait to try these too!

In addition to supplements and snacks, Moon Juice also offers a few skincare products – with names like “Cosmic Cream” and “Plump Jelly”, who can resist?

You can find all their products on Which have you tried?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.