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Austin Texas Vegetarian Food and Travels

Austin Texas

Austin, Texas vegetarian eats, treats and various activities. Visited in October 2016. Austin has been on my list of “Top Places to Visit” for a while now. Everyone I knew that had been seems to love the city. The stars finally aligned a couple months ago when a food conference was being held there and a travel …

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Las Vegas, 2016

Late this summer, I met up with my bestie in Las Vegas. Michelle lives in Canada, so she got an extra shock to her system when the temp got up to 118°F! While it wasn’t a food-centric trip (is that a word?), there were some places we ate that I thought would be fun to talk about here. …

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Aruba, June 2016

It took me a few months to get to writing this post, because I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to start writing travel posts. I finally figured since most of my travel does revolve around food, I would expand the “trying and eating” talk beyond just my own recipes. I also just got back from …

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