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Skinny Jalapeno Pimento Cheese

Skinny Jalapeno Pimento Cheese – a spicy, healthier take on the southern favorite. 6 ingredients, no mayonnaise! Even though I grew up mostly in the south, I didn’t grow up with a lot of foods or traditions that are typically considered “southern.” For example, I never had Bojangles until I was in college. I also …

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Skinny chocolate brownies

Skinny chocolate brownies made with applesauce and Greek yogurt and are almost cupcake-like in texture. These healthy (or at least healthier) brownies make for a great guilt-free dessert. Skinny and chocolate don’t normally go in the same sentence, do they? But anything that helps convince me I can eat chocolate without having to run for 500 hours …

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Strawberry rhubarb muffins

Strawberry rhubarb muffins with a dash of cinnamon, using greek yogurt instead of milk and applesauce instead of oil. This is a great way to bake with rhubarb and eat up some of your strawberries too!  Confession time: I had never eaten rhubarb before these muffins. Maybe I should say I never knowingly ate rhubarb, as I don’t …

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