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KEHO Snack Bars Review

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own.

A review of the ketogenic savory snack bars from KEHO brand! Plant-based, unique flavors like “curry in a hurry”, “pizza to go”, and more! Keep reading to learn more and find an exclusive discount code.

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12 KEHO bars in 4 flavors in display box

About KEHO

KEHO is not only a play on the word “Keto” (for ketogenic), but it also means “a living body” in Finnish. These snack bars were created for a person on the go, living their best life!

A female founded company by Tekla Black, a former calorie-counter athlete who transitioned to a keto diet. Black set out to create a real-food savory snack bar to fit her new keto lifestyle. Snacks can usually be far from keto-friendly, with a bunch of sugar!

But these bars are different. Each one has ~5g net carbs, 5 grams of protein, and more than 10 grams of fiber. All with no sugar added!

The flavors all have a lot of nuts in them – mostly macadamias and pecans, due to their high fat content and low carb ratio.

And speaking of the flavors – I’ve never seen anything like them! “Pizza to go”, “Curry in a Hurry”, “Thai Me Over” and “Tex Mex Moment” are all the most unique flavors I’ve ever seen.

Fun fact: They also won the “Eat this, Not That” 2022 award for “Best Keto Snack!”

4 flavors of KEHO snack bars with a bite taken out

KEHO Flavors

As I mentioned above, I definitely think they accomplished the goal to create interesting flavors! Currently they have 4 flavors available:

Pizza to Go: Literally tastes like a slice of pizza. You may need to actually close your eyes while eating it because it’s a real brain-trip! It was so hard for me to understand how I was eating what looked essentially like a granola bar, but tasted like a cheesy black olive pizza. After you get over the initial surprise, it’s very good. Described as a more “earthy” flavor.

KEHO pizza to go in-hand next to wrapper

Curry in a Hurry: You definitely smell the spices in this one! Aromatic and full of seasoning, this one also has cauliflower, spinach and onion hidden in there.

KEHO "curry in a hurry" flavor in-hand next to wrapper

Thai Me Over: Has a fresh Thai peanut sauce vibe

KEHO "thai me over" in-hand next to wrapper

Tex Mex Moment: Like a spicy salsa! The veggies in this one are sweet corn, black beans, mushroom and red bell pepper.

KEHO "tex-mex moment" flavor in-hand next to wrapper

All of them are very flavorful and unique.

Review Summary

While I don’t follow a ketogenic diet, I do love a high fiber, vegan snack that will keep me full.

These aren’t for everyone – there is an initial adjustment period (see above for what I said about pizza-to-go), but once you get over the initial expectation of what you *expect* a snack bar to taste like based on its looks, these could be an excellent option.

My favorite is probably the tex-mex flavor, or the pizza one when I have that craving!

Of course, to be a product recommended by Trial and Eater – no artificial flavors or colorings and made with real ingredients! And great macros, if that’s your thing.

You of course can eat them straight out of the package, and you can also crumble them up and use them in other meals – toppers for salads, soups, dips, etc.!

If you prefer a sweet snack, these are not for you. And may not be the best fit for kids since they can be spicy (though I’ve heard of some kids who love the pizza flavor). But if you are looking for a unique keto-friendly snack, I’d recommend giving these a try.

These flavors are so on the nose – once you get over the texture being different than the food you think you’re tasting, you might love them!

How to Buy

You may be able to find KEHO in local stores, but the best place to find these snacks is at their website:

Pick the most intriguing flavors or get a variety pack with all 4.

They are also on Amazon, but you won’t get our reader discount if you get them there!

Promo Code for 15% Off

Live the KEHO life and save 15% while you’re at it, just use coupon code TRIALANDEATER on their website. Let me know what you think!

4 KEHO snack bars on top of display box

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