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2 Days in Boulder, Colorado

2019 is the year of travel, at least for me! I consider myself to be a full-time traveler right now – while I still have a home base in NC, I started off the year with a month of back-to-back traveling (with much more to come).

Part of it is intended to find a place to live next, as I’ve only lived in North Carolina except as a young child. But another part of it is to explore places I have not yet had the chance to visit yet.

First up, Colorado.

As a solo traveler, it can be more challenging to navigate new cities and figure out what to do during your stay. While I did meet up with friends along the way in the other cities, I was flying solo in my first stop of Boulder – so here are some of my recommendations based on what I did and where I ate {vegetarian} food!

I started out my trip in Boulder, Colorado – a little less than an hour bus ride away from Denver airport. As far as taking the bus goes – I’m not that great with figuring out public transportation, but it was pretty easy to figure out how to buy a ticket and where to go.

I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon – There are both trains and buses to Boulder and surrounding Denver area, but for where I was headed it made more sense for me to take a bus, which avoided a transfer. As far as figuring out which bus to hop on, I had to ask a driver – but they were friendly.

view from the bus near Denver Colorado

All I really knew before the trip to Boulder was the Pearl Street was the main attraction, so I booked an airbnb a couple blocks from there. 

Once I got checked in, I made my way to my first stop: Leaf – a vegetarian only restaurant. 

Their happy hour menu made it easy to try multiple dishes!

Leaf vegetarian restaurant Boulder Colorado happy hour menuThe biggest problem I have with traveling alone – nobody to share all the food with. Especially when in a new city, I can’t just try one thing off the menu. 

In this case, I tried 3 – thank goodness for happy hour prices.

Pictured: Mushroom Burger Slider, Buffalo Cauliflower Taco, and Sweet Potato Gnocchi. All of them were really tasty – though my favorite would probably be the cauliflower taco.

Leaf vegetarian restaurant Boulder Colorado happy hour

For the next day (my only *full day* in Boulder), I knew I needed to start the day off with a great breakfast.

Often I try to stick with local restaurants instead of chains, but Snooze Eatery had come highly recommended. And I had never been to one, since they are only in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas!

I seriously wanted everything on the menu – my usual problem, especially with breakfasts. I went with the OMG! French Toast – because we know how much I love a good French toast.

Snooze boulder colorado menu

Snooze boulder colorado menu OMG French Toast

Now that I was properly fueled, I headed a little bit off Pearl Street to Boulder Creek Path. 

There was fresh snow on the ground and yet a fairly warm day all things considered (mid-50’s), which made for a beautiful walk! I walked so far I forgot that I would have to venture back. Highly recommended if you visit on a sunny day.

A few of the highlights:

Boulder creek path views


Boulder creek path views

Boulder creek path views

Boulder creek path views

After I walked off my French toast, I headed back to Pearl Street where I spend some time window shopping. 

Boulder Colorado

If you’re into yoga, incense, or crystals – there is a cool spiritual store called Old Tibet with tons of treasures.

Though I didn’t buy anything (packing minimally for weeks on the road makes it hard to buy things!), it was certainly fun to walk around!

Om is where the heart is

Really I used that as an excuse to kill time before my next stop opened up at 1pm – Tonic Herban Lounge.

Tonic has snacks, refreshments and desserts – but the real reason I wanted to stop in was for the oxygen.

That’s right! Oxygen. I had heard of oxygen bars before but NC (as far as I know) isn’t cool enough yet to have them. There are different “flavors” (scents) that you can choose from depending on if you like floral, earthy, or calming scents.

I was still recovering from a cold so I chose one that was supposed to “brighten my aura” – along with a Buddha tea to sip on while I breathed.

Tonic herban lounge boulder colorado buddha drink


tonic lounge boulder colorado oxygen

To be honest, I didn’t feel all that much different afterwards – but it was a cool experience and I would go back again to try more of their menu.

To keep up with my high-vibe afternoon, I stopped for some gelato at Fior Gelato. When I saw they offered a “split scoop” to try two flavors at once, I was sold.

Stracciatella at the bottom, Golden Milk Sugar Cookie (turmeric helps with colds!) on top.

golden milk sugar cookie turmeric ice cream

My last happy hour stop in Boulder was Pizzeria Locale. If you like a good thin-crust pizza, you should definitely make a stop here!

pizzeria locale happy hour menu

Also, the happy hour olives were only $2, so I couldn’t resist getting some. If you like olives, you’ll know how expensive the fancy ones can be.

pizzeria locale happy hour

The next morning was spent getting lost in a snowstorm on the walk to the bus station. It was a rough hour, but I was headed to DENVER – recap coming up soon!

If and when I make it back to Boulder, these places are top of my list: Fidel Plantarium, Celestial Seasonings tea tour and Mountain Sun restaurant (currently a cash only establishment, which is why I couldn’t make it there this trip!).

Have you been to Boulder, CO? Let me know your top recommendations in the comments!

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